Tuesday, May 26, 2009

neat link trick

I wonder why more web pages that have instructions on how to install/configure/setup stuff in Ubuntu don´t use this trick. Apparently, you can use Firefox to install applications.

For example this: apt:compizconfig-settings-manager

I might be wrong, but it seems all you need is to setup the hyper-link to ¨apt://¨. Neat.


Every now and then when debugging some source code in c++, I come across mangled function names.

You can use c++filt to demangle the junk you see into recognizable user-level function names.

The theory is that the function names get mangled due to overloading. From the man page - ¨All C++ and Java function names are encoded into a low-level assembly label (this process is known as mangling). The c++filt program does the inverse mapping: it decodes (demangles) low-level names into user-level names so that the linker can keep the overloaded functions from clashing.¨

mouting a cifs server that you can access

ItÅ› troubling that I had to do a lot of searching do be able to do something as simple as this:
a) On my Ubuntu desktop, mount a cifs server where I have an account as a user ¨xyz¨.
b) Access the mount with my Ubuntu desktop user account ¨abc¨.

I suppose I don´t clearly understand the problem. The issue as I see it is that you can only mount using sudo. And once mounted, the local Ubuntu account cannot access it without having hte right permissions on the mount point.

I had to do the following:
a) The local mount point/directory needs to have the permissions for ¨abc¨.
b) ¨sudo mount -t cifs /cifs_server/xyz_account /mnt/local_mount_point -o rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,uid=1000,umask=077¨