Friday, March 21, 2008

hardy heron

Today Ubuntu's next release, 8.04 beta aka Hardy Heron was released. I am yet to move from Feisty Fawn (7.04) to Gusty Gibbon (7.10), so thats that.

From the feature list, all the new stuff seems great. The most interesting feature is Wubi. Its an installer for Ubuntu under Windows. No partitions, or boot loader changes, just installs Ubuntu as a Windows Application. Right now, there is a beta for installing 7.04 on the Wubi site. Or if you are bold enough you can try the 8.04 installer here. That seems worth trying out on my work Windows desktop where I have been running Fedora and Ubuntu using VMware Server. The installer seems to download the image when you install, so judging by how my corporate network has been crawling, I would have to make that a weekend project one of these days.

Once again, Ubuntu takes a giant step in easing Windows users into Linux-world.

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