Tuesday, June 3, 2008

cool Firefox add-on

I am still struggling to make my peace with Firefox 3-beta recently...

But a new issue that has bothered me enough that I have had to switch to using IE on the Windows XP system at work, is that pages with lots of Flash or Java script content takes way too long to load and the browser completely freezes another 30 seconds - 1 minute after that.

I have tried the obvious things:
  • disable all add-ons
  • uninstall all add-ons
  • uninstall/reinstall Firefox
Switched back to using which got me back all my Add-ons, but didn't still rid me of the problem.

Anyways, in the frustration, I stumbled onto a damn cool add-on call Tab Effect. Its a "Ubuntu desktop-effects-cube-inspired" transition between multiple tabs. And as expected, it is still not available for Firefox 3.

Oh well, I still need to find a solution to my Firefox woes.

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