Thursday, April 24, 2008

load of do-do

I believe one of the most brilliant examples of open source software projects is Firefox. Since I have been feeling a little bold these days (will write later about the experiences with Ubuntu 8.04 that was released today), so I upgraded to Firefox 3.0b5 on the Windows desktop that I _use_ at work.

The experience so far has been very disappointing.

1) This was expected, but it disabled a ton of Add-ons that were not compatible:
Gmail Space
RealPlayer Broswer Record Plugin
Session Fix
View Source Chart (and I was just starting to use this...)
Zoho Notebook Helper
Zoho QuickRead

2) The integrated Flash Player is not reliable at all. Nuemorous times I have had to refresh the page because the Flash movie would not play on the frist attempt. Also, I have had Firefox crash due to the player.

3) More than a couple of times today Firefox has frozen when using multiple tabs and switching between them. I normally have about 5 to 8 tabs open which isn't a lot.

4) I have history disabled, but for a session, I was able to see all the urls that I have typed in. That has been replaced by what seems to be the bookmarks. Any way I can just see the history there?

5) Crashed today when playing a quicktime audio file (must have been mp3).

6) It forced me to write this post in IE!

Since I don't really care about the new features, to me it has just been a load of do-do. I quickly checked and Hardy has Firefox 3 beta 4 as its default browser. There has already been some noise about the issue with Flash player killing Firefox.

I am downgrading back to Firefox 2.

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