Monday, April 21, 2008

cheesy name....yet useful

Terminator.....really? I guess sometimes you cannot have both; a useful tool and a good name (katapult anyone?)

Anybody who has needed to use the terminal, generally needs more than one all the time. So a tool that arranges multiple GNOME (I have never been a KDE convert) terminals on the screen and manages to add/remove/resize and jump between these multiple terminal windows is a useful addition to your applications.

On first impressions, Terminator seems to do the job nicely. When you launch it, you get one screen. You can split this horizontally or vertically and keep adding and use your screen space in an efficient manner. The moving between the terminals using the keyboard can take a little getting used to (ctrl + shit + n and ctrl + shit + p).

Seems like for Hardy (8.04) you can do a:
sudo apt-get install terminator

For 7.10 (yay! I finally upgraded) and below you need to download the source code and install.

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