Thursday, April 3, 2008

trying out some apps

Over the last few weeks I have been lazy and distracted from doing actual work (as in something that pays) in the evenings. Thats why I have been doing searches like Top 10 Ubuntu applications.

Some of what I have installed and started using (not in any particular order):

Katapult (sudo apt-get install katapult)
Application launcher that matches the application name as soon as you start typing the first few letters. Launch it using Alt-Space.

Kopete (sudo apt-get install kopete)
Enhanced multi-protocol chat client, webcam and voice(?). Like the interface on first impressions, but it will take a lot more to move away from Pidgin.

GParted (sudo apt-get install gparted)
Gnome Partition Editor, utility for disk partitions that reformats hard drives into many formats including FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Will need to try it out soon since I am running out of disk space in my Ubuntu partition if I keep installing applications at this rate!

Some that I have installed and then un-installed (of course in that order):

Tried it as an enhanced chat client that does webcam and voice, but the interface is crappy at best.

Some that I would soon try (probably in that particular order)

music player with plugin and some other features (I will find out).

Desktop RSS feed reader (sudo apt-get install liferea)

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