Wednesday, January 30, 2008

aging = losing memory = need a command line list

Not that I like to think only age is the factor here, but recently more often than before I have had the realization of forgetting commands, specially since in my world a shell is the best place to get real work done...GUI tools are for "girlie men"...not that girls don't use shell...oh well, you get the point.

So, here is a pretty good reference guide, indexed/arranged by sections:
  • System information
  • Shutdown (Restart of a system and Logout )
  • Files and Directory
  • File search
  • Mounting a Filesystem
  • Disk Space
  • Users and Groups
  • Permits on Files
  • Special Attributes on files
  • Archives and compressed files
  • RPM Packages ( Fedora, Red Hat and like)
  • YUM packages updater (Fedora, RedHat and like)
  • DEB packages (Debian, Ubuntu and like)
  • APT packages updater (Debian, Ubuntu e like)
  • View file content
  • Text Manipulation
  • Character set and Format file conversion
  • Filesystem Analysis
  • Format a Filesystem
  • SWAP filesystem
  • Backup
  • Networking (LAN and WiFi)
  • Microsoft Windows networks (SAMBA)
  • IPTABLES (firewall)
  • Monitoring and debugging
  • Others useful commands
You could download the zip file HERE.

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