Monday, January 28, 2008

anomaly - IE for Linux

It's like how the tail was/is a vestigial organ for homo sapians that eventually will get phased out due to lack of usage. But for now, having IE run under _might_ have some use, like if you do web development, testing for IE or once in a while when you run into those IE-only sites.
So, here is how you do it: IEs4Linux

Seems like a it installs IE and setups Wine accordingly. I was able to verify Flash works fine.

Here is the challenge apparently which I am going to have to spend some time on. I sometimes watch soccer online (living in USA does force you to be innovative if you are a football fan, and that just doesn't mean learning to call football soccer) and this requires me to use IE and Sopcast.

I believe qsopcast should get me to a point where I am able to run the streams in the stand-alone player. But integrating it into Firefox doesn't seem to be supported yet. Maybe I can get Sopcast to work with ie4Linx?

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