Sunday, January 27, 2008

bootstrapping the blog & first impressions

Back in July of 2007, I installed Feisty Fawn (7.04) on my personal (read: cheap) laptop (Toshiba Satellite M35X-S149, only upgrade was to 512MB RAM) after receiving the Live CDs and haven't stopped being impressed by this wonderful software ever since. They (who?) say that within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated… even if it is just a glance. Ubuntu does score a ton of points there.

So, before I move on to Gusty Gibbon (7.10), I figured it was time to start writing about my experiences, tips, tricks, hurdles and notes instead of having that information all scattered around in my mind, in notebooks or in emails.

As a start, the first thing I remember that impressed me most (even when running just the Live CD was that my integrated wireless card was up and running without any intervention.

Another useful thing was that during the install, for user creation, it was able to recognize the Windows partition (XP Home) and was able to add the user already present for Windows (password, profile, etc). Cute.

After the install, I discovered command line package management with "apt-get" is great to use. The unique concept of not having a "root" user login is something that takes a little getting used to, but the more you use it, the more it seems to make sense.

My first few installs were:
- Macromedia Flash plugin for Mozilla/Firefox
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
- sudo apt-get install build-essentials
- sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
- sudo apt-get install azureus

Thats a short list, but I was already up and running most of my commonly used applications with what was installed as default.

Lets gets started.

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