Sunday, May 4, 2008

more Ubuntu evangelism

People write blogs for various reasons. There are some really good Ubuntu users with well written blogs that describe Ubuntu features and tools and tricks when they have been brave and smart enough to try out the latest releases and new applications.

I like to think that I walk a couple of steps behind these users. Mainly because I always want to have a _working_ system as I don't have the luxury of a backup. Which is why I am still unhappy with an upgrade to 8.04 that installed Firefox 3b5 that disabled a lot of my add-ons because of incompatibility.

Anyways, without digressing too much, the point being that I write this blog mainly for evangelizing Ubuntu rather than it being a technical source of "all things Ubuntu". So, on that theme of doing my "job", I read recently a note from Eric S Raymond, a well known Open Source proponent and the author of some well known books (including the one I am currently reading). He switched from being a Fedora Core user onto Ubuntu. It is a common trend and the recent news about how Red Hat and Novell have decided to focus on Enterprise/Server markets rather than Desktops (thankfully!).

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