Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and no DVDShrink

In the previous post, I talked about using DVDShrink to save .iso from DVDs onto your laptop so that you can play movies in your favorite DVD player just like you would with regular DVDs.

What I did not mention was that, IF unlike me you are not looking to _shrink_ the original DVD and are fine with your ISO using (almost for all feature DVDs) 8GB of your precious disk space, there is an easier way:
rutul@rutul-laptop: nice -n +19 mkisofs -dvd-video -V BILL_MAHER_IM_SWISS -o /media/sda1/BILL_MAHER_IM_SWISS.iso /media/cdrom > /dev/null 2> /var/log/mkisofserrors.log

But, if you ever (don't do it, it's probably illegal) want to make a DVD out of that .iso, you will need a dual-layer DVD burner and an appropriate disk.

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