Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I wanted to write a little about Automatix before I got into details about how useful the packages installed using it have been. But life doesn't pan out as one plans.....I have been realizing that lately. Anyways, more about Automatix some other time. Just know that if you use Ubuntu as your primary OS, you will appreciate having that package manager along with the obviously awesome Synaptic Package Manager.

I sometimes don't get enough time to watch a movie that I have picked up from the library, and they don't allow renewals. So, I tend to keep a soft copy of the DVD onto my laptop in ISO format, so that I can play it later. This is great if you travel a lot and like to watch movies in flight.

Step 1: Get DVDShrink (trust me, just use Automatix)

Step 2: Configure it so that you "Create ISO file only" (very intuitive to select this).
Specify where you want to create the .iso (directory).
Specify you want to remove temporary files when done.

Step 3: Once you have your .iso at the appropriate location, mount the .iso
sudo mkdir -p /media/movie
sudo mount -o loop BILL_MAHER_IM_SWISS.iso /media/movie/

Step 4: Play the .iso
totem /media/movie
xine /media/movie (trust me, get Automatix)

Easy enough and convenient enough.

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