Friday, February 29, 2008

wordpress upgrade - four simple steps

Recently I was forced to upgrade my wordpress and in the past having not had the patience to read the documentation, my attempts were not very successful.

So, it was good to have found a good source which described the process in four simple steps using the shell. It worked.

Step 1: Backup the existing database.
I would not want to lose my work, specially the blog, so against my natural tendency, I did backup.

[me@mywebserver]# mysqldump -u lazyinvestor -p > backup_`data +%m-%d-%y`

Step 2: Get the latest wordpress .zip and unzip

This would generally work, but you should be smart enough to know there are other ways.

[me@mywebserver]# wget
[me@mywebserver]# unzip

Step 3: Overwrite all the new files onto your old ones

[me@mywebserver]# cd [to_whereever_your_wordpress_files_are]
[me@mywebserver]# cp -avr []

Step 4: Open http://yourblog_url/wp-admin/upgrade.php in your favorite browser.


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