Monday, February 4, 2008

mobile penguins

Ever since Google's Android development platform was released, I keep noticing the Linux mobile development platforms getting a lot more news. Either that, or its like when you are decide to buy a car and then suddenly you start noticing only that model on the road everywhere.

LiMo, recently announced it will be coming out with a standard specification for creating shared and open mobile applications/platforms. There is another group, Linux Phone Standards, doing pretty much the same thing.

Lot more details in this article.

The most interesting however was reading about how Ubuntu is making a strong impact on stacking claim as being the best distribution for being the best platform for mobile/handheld devices. Gusty Gibbion (which I have yet to try out) includes support for Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) project that "aims to derive an operating system for mobile internet devices using Ubuntu as a base".

There is this nice tutorial on quickly getting yourself acquainted with the embedded development framework and tools to get start.

I want to get myself involved with one of these projects, but I am still thinking of what application do I really want built into my phone? I am old fashioned I guess since besides wanting to make and receive phone calls reliably, I really don't expect much out of my phone.

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